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Turn Right at the Pinkshirt

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Turn Right at the Pink Shirt is as quirky as its title. Every story is different. In this unique collection of traveller’s tales, the author takes the reader on an unforgettable journey to the far reaches of the globe where she shares her extraordinary insights into the human spirit.

We are transported from the formal gardens of Versailles to the wrong side of the street in Nairobi, Kenya. There is dark humour in the Western Deserts of Egypt when the author’s attempts to dye her hair leave her no option but to shave her head. And there is pathos in Jodhpur, India where the little red hand prints staining the palace walls belong to the Maharajah’s child brides on their way to commit suttee on the funeral pyre.

Told honestly, without judgement, this is a book of thirty-seven short stories in the style of Michael Palin or Bill Bryson. ‘Turn Right at the Pink Shirt’ will entertain and delight all who read it, whether they be travellers or not; and the encounters and personal experiences described by the author will be thought about long after the cover has been closed.

This collection of stories will appeal to ages, from the would-be young backpacker to the experienced tourist. It is inspirational to both the armchair traveller and the novice who is planning a once in a lifetime travel adventure.

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5 responses to “Turn Right at the Pinkshirt”

  1. Oriel says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading ‘Turn Right At The Pink Shirt’, it made me want to go on holidays with the author. It was funny, it was interesting, easy and enjoyable to read. A perfect book for someone that wants to be able to read a bit then put it down……if you can 🙂 I loved it so much I brought a copy for my daughter too.

  2. Naquita says:

    Whether you’re a fan of traveling or not, you will adore this joyful book. Turn Right at the Pinkshirt is a brilliant collection of stories from the very talented Alene Ivey. Her writing transports you to the wonderfully exotic places that she traveled and allows you to discover countless new experiences through her writing. This book is a MUST read.

  3. Desmond Kelly says:

    The title should tell you; this is not the conventional traveller reporting on the history of the places she’s been to, but a person with a sharp eye for the human realities of place and culture and a good sense of humour. Alene Ivey is a humanitarian who sees us all in whoever she goes and makes us believe that we too can travel widely – if we have a mind to. And she can write!

  4. Trish Cation says:

    Turn Right at the Pink Shirt is no ordinary travel book. Alene grabs you by the hand and takes you with her on a fabulous journey to the far corners of earth. Alene has an amazing ability to get inside the hearts and minds of the people she meets and share her wonder, joy, amusement and sometimes shock at what she encounters in her adventures. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading about other peoples, other cultures and other landscapes. In a word, it is enchanting.

  5. michele s newton says:

    Alene Ivey’s book Turn Right at the Pink Shirt is brimmed full of stories, travels and adventures. The journeys take you on a Kaleidoscope ride of how different human beings and their lives are in our big world. Alene has an empathetic, humorous approach in sharing her travel experiences she has so enjoyed. I recommend this as a great read to armchair travellers.

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