Paradise Landing


Paradise Landing

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A young journalist escapes an unhappy marriage and finds herself on a small island off the coast of Queensland.

There she finds friends and activities which soon make her part of the little community of Paradise Landing.

She is strongly attracted to Dave, a handsome islander who seems to return her feelings but there are undercurrents which cloud the romance.

A solitary hut in the bush block turns out to be a drug laboratory. Megan’s investigative skills are put to good use as she searches for answers which are not all to her liking. Is Dave involved in the drug ring?

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2 responses to “Paradise Landing”

  1. Desmond Kelly says:

    This is a strong yet simple story of a mystery, adventure and romance on a small tropical island off the coast of Queensland. It sweeps along in a very believable modern setting but the real strength of the novel is in the wonderfully rich cast of characters who make up this new world Meagan chances into. Here are people to make you laugh, to engage you in their isolated world, but above all they are people to believe and to care about.
    Paradise Landing is a damned good entertaining yarn told with Alene Ivey’s usual skill. Buy it and enjoy.

  2. Trish Cation says:

    I really enjoyed Paradise Landing. It’s not just a terrific crime story, it’s also a moving story about community, family, love and friendship. Alene has created a wonderful island setting, populated it with a cast of unique characters and thrown world-weary journalist Megan headfirst into it. Why don’t you join her? It’s a great read.

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