Merry Christmas

Hasn’t it been a wonderful year?

Guy and I spent three months in Europe, mainly in Greece and Italy. I’m sure my creative juices will be flowing now we are home and settled back in our island paradise.

One thing that changed on this holiday was my luggage. So often before I have been weighed down by books. I read fast and require a daily top up of reading matter to keep me happy. But this trip saw me purchasing e books for the first time. I downloaded forty books for our time overseas and was able to read most of them in that time. If you are a traveller or even a person who uses their laptop or Ipad frequently, this is definitely the way for the future.

As a Christmas gift to you all, I am offering my two e books ‘Paradise Landing’ and ‘Turn Right at the Pink Shirt’ for the special price of $5.00 each. They are easily purchased through the shopping cart, which is totally secure. They are both an excellent read.

My short story this month is a special children’s Christmas story I wrote for my two eldest grandchildren. I’m looking forward to reading it to them on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, my friends. May 2016 bring peace and joy to us all.